Best Friends – Part 1 – Morgen

This blog (which I really need to keep up with… last post was July 1!) is about things that I love, so I think it’s about time that I introduce you to 2 ladies who have had a major influence on my life. They are the 2 ladies that I consider to be my best friends.

A best friend to me is someone who is a part of you no matter what. They have been through good times and bad with you and are still the kind of person who, when you haven’t seen them in months or years, continues on the conversation as though time has not passed. A best friend is someone with whom you could share everything with (even if you don’t) and who just gets you and why you are the way you are.

Meet Morgen:

Morgen is and always has been an inspiration. She is creative and logical and hilarious. She is stylish in her own way, has an incredible drawing talent (though she can be modest) and no matter what, can always make me laugh so that I can’t speak.

We met on my first day of Grade 6. I had entered the class a couple of weeks late (we had just moved from Whitby) and I’m sure that she, along with the other girls in our group of friends were astounded by the lunch that I had carted to work. At the time, we had not fully moved into our house and were kind of living out of a hotel. My mom had asked the hotel to make my brother and I lunches to bring with us and somehow I ended up with a crazy mish-mash of danishes, croissants, large fruit and a ridiculously huge sandwich. Does an 11 year old really need 2 huge fruit danishes as a snack? Apparently so. It did give me the opportunity to make some friends (who like danishes) and have a few laughs.

Morgen and I went through middle school and high school together, seeing each other through questionable fashion choices, a now embarrassing, delusional performance of the Shoop Shoop song and multiple oddly-named and never acted upon crushes.

We lost touch after high school when we both moved away for University, but we had the opportunity to reconnect in 2007 or 2008 (thanks to the magic of Facebook). Although we don’t see each other as often as we like (she has plans to move to Red Deer), Morgen has become such a wonderful woman while remaining an inspiration. After years in the workforce, she returned to school and has become a bright legal mind. She is just as down to earth as ever and just lovely.

Today, she is engaged and happy :)

I will not post any old photos of Morgen and myself here, only because I know that Morgen would literally kill me. Though she may not believe it, back in the early 90’s, she was very stylish and though perhaps a bit awkward (weren’t we all?), she was beautiful.
For those of you who wish to imagine my old friend as she used to be – be creative and imagine her with a multicoloured cardigan, 8-hole Doc Martens, corduroy pants and big bangs while listening to U2 (Sunday Bloody Sunday) or Smashing Pumpkins (Cherub Rock).

And to Morgen: Thanks for being a great friend for the past 20 years (ack!). Let me know when you’re in town so that we can find a piano bar to rock out in. Also: as you can see, I can barely keep up with my own blog – how did you expect me to write a disgusting fake wedding blog for you?

(Since this post is a nice length as it is, see my next post for the second part or my “Best Friend” series, starring Tuuli)

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