The End of an Era

Im on my way to what will likely be my last (or possibly second to last) shift at the video store where i have worked for 10 years. Not feeling well today and tried to call in sick, but there was nobody to take my shift.
Most people ask me why i stayed with the company so long, and my reason is always the same: It’s a fun job. I love movies and I love talking to people about movies, so there was rarely a time when I thought to leave. It never paid well by any means, but it was enough to live and save on, the benefits were fantastic and it was fun.
In September, i made a choice and found a great job with a fantastic company. Instead of permanently leaving, i dropped down to part time status and stayed on, working a shift only when they needed me to.
As i hit the milestone of 10 years on June 14, i have decided to make it official and break free from the retail world as the retail video industry spirals into it’s imminent decline.
Having aired any negative feedback to the appropriate people, i will share with you some of the great things that i learned/gained/gathered from the past 10 years.
1. I have met and worked alongside some incredibly talented people. The flexibility of the schedule allows for actors, writers and musicians to gather an income while pursuing their dreams.
2. I was given an opportunity to stretch my Daytime TV sea-legs after ignoring them since my TV experience in high school. While doing this, i was fortunate enough to meet Derick Fage, TL Rader and Erin Lannan who as a unit are 2/3 NB and some of the most genuinely kind people in Ottawa.
3. I had the opportunity to develop my busines acumen and learn what field i wanted to work in. After leaving university, i, like so many others, didnt know what i wanted to do with my life. The fields of HR and training emerged as areas of interest for me and i was given the opportunity to flourish and grow in these areas.
4. Movies! I love movies! Watching them, discussing them, recommending them – all of the above. I like watching even the awful straight to videos (Sharktopus) as much as the brilliant hidden gems (Hard Candy).
5. I like to think that i now have 10 years of experience in human behaviour. I may not know why people make the choice to behave as they do, but i can usually tell when someone is trying to deceive me or is on the verge of an emotional outburst. I could probably write a book full of the ridiculous behaviour i have been a witness to (as could many long term retail employees, im sure).
6. I have not seen it, nor is it something that i wish to find – but i can say without a shadow of a doubt that my favourite porn title is Pee Midget Pee. Im happy that even now, after the store has been porn free since 2003, the title remains in there for those days when i need a giggle.

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